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Services To Fit Your Needs

Our Services

In a few years of its founding, Project Solutions Pvt Ltd has amassed an impressive resume encompassing in Residential, Commercial and Turnkey Projects both in Private and Public sectors. With our vast foundation of experience and recognition that have been received, we continuously strive for outstanding performance and client satisfaction.

We are committed to offer you a variety of services with top quality workmanship and superior results. We believe that every project is unique and we will customize our approach to fit your exact needs.  

Construction Services

Construction Services - Project Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • General Contracting
  • Building Construction
  • Hotel and Guesthouse Construction
  • Civil Construction and Engineering
  • Building Maintenance and Renovation
  • Interior Finishing
  • Design-Build Services
  • Turnkey Projects


Pre-Construction - Project Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Architectural Drawing
  • Quantity Surveying (Free for Building Projects in Greater Male’ Area)
  • Site Evaluation
  • MEP Design and General Design Specifications
  • Financial Planning (Equity and Plans for Loan Financing)
  • Approval and Permits Assistance

Construction Management

Construction Management - Project Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Project Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Purchase and Logistics of Materials
  • Subcontracting
  • Quality Review
  • Change Order Control
  • Claims Management
  • Safety Management
  • Real Time Project Tracking

Import and Trading

Import and Trading Business - Project Solutions Pvt Ltd

With the start of our business we have been importing a variety of construction materials for our projects in order to bring unique and high-end interior finishing while benefiting from the lower costs.

Due to positive feedback and requests from our clients, we have started importing and selling a wide range of products. Products we import are high-quality and unique construction materials, home decoration items and furniture. We have been trading the products directly and under our subsidiary business OIA. Our focus is to deliver quality products at affordable prices to our clients while expanding trading business.

Real Estate

Real Estate - Project Solutions Pvt Ltd

We lease and develop residential and commercial rental properties and our clients are offered the luxury of living in well-built and regularly maintained buildings, at prominent locations scattered across The Greater Male’ region.

Please check our Real Estate page for more information.