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Our Leases

Upcoming Commercial Units for Lease:

Property Name: M.Spotlight
Build-Up Size: 1100sqft
Location: Shaheed Ali Hingun, Male’ City (Near Majeedhee Magu), Pavement Side, Very easy for parking
Floors: Ground Floor, First Floor
Type of Floors: Commercial (Suitable for Shop, Showroom, Godown, Cafe’, Restaurant, Saloon, Etc.)

* Please note we do not lease for vehicle garage or allow vehicle registration.

Lease Offer 1: Ground Floor

  • Floor: Ground Floor
  • Floor Height: 12 Feet
  • Size: 900sqft of usable area
  • Monthly Rent: MVR 34,000.00
  • Security Deposit: MVR 100,000.00

Lease Offer 2: First Floor

  • Floor: First Floor
  • Floor Height: 10 Feet
  • Size: 1030sqft of usable area
  • Entrance: Seperate entrance for first floor from road
  • Monthly Rent: MVR 32,000.00
  • Security Deposit: MVR 95,000.00

Lease Offer 3: Ground and First Floor

  • Floor: Ground and First Floor Combined
  • Size: 1940sqft of usable area
  • Entrance: Separate entrance for first floor from road or from inside of ground floor.
  • Monthly Rent: MVR 66,000.00
  • Security Deposit: MVR 195,000.00

Lease Information:

A reliable lease can determine the difference between failure or success of a business. We understand a long lease period is one of the most important factors for any business. As the developer and primary leaseholder of the property, we will guarantee you a lease period with many perks so your business can settle and flourish safely. We will assure you wont be in for any surprises.

Payments and Contract:

  • Security Deposit is to be paid at the time of contract signing.
  • Rent will only begin after handover.
  • Lease Contract will be notarized.


When Will The Units Be Available?

  • Development of the building has already begun (Foundation Works is expected to be completed by 30th September 2022). You can visit the site if you want.
  • We foresee we can handover the units within 4-5 months of contract signing.
  • We will complete the standard finishing works as per the approved drawing set. Clients can collaborate with us to do their interior designs.
  • Toilet are included in all the units.

Maintenance and After Care:

  • As a trusted property developer with a good track record we will assure that the Client will not face maintenance problems which will affect the business (leak issues, business permits, etc), specially while we develop the building.
  • Property will always be insured by the Developer. However, Insurance related to business conducted and its assets must be insured by the Client.
  • We will assist and collaborate with the property owner to obtain any permits required for business purpose.

Additional Documents:

We will be happy to disclose documents and allow client to do due diligence related to the lease.


Contact Us

If you are interested in any of the following offers please contact us:

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  • Call / Viber / WhatsApp: 7776908
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